Young Farmers Challenge


Proudly sponsored by:



Kimba Agricultural, Horticultural and Floricultural Society Inc.

Australian Young Farmers Challenge & Kimba Show Junior Challenge

Convenor – Sarah Hazel (ph: 0430 353 661) or Kerri Cliff (ph: 0428 272 676)



To complete all challenges in the safest manner and fastest time through a team relay format

All you need is a team of 4 people – and you don’t have to be a farmer

Males and Females welcome

Must be over 18 years of age

Involves rural based challenges such as:

Setting up a portable fence

Stacking small squares

Sack truck obstacle course

Things you need to know

Young Farmers Challenge – team of 4 male & female, must be over 18 years

Australian Young Farmer Challenge Handbook

or visit Youth In Ag for more information.

Kimba Show Junior Challenge – team of 4, under 18 years,
Challenges will be modified from AYFC and suitable for young people