Hobbies & Craft – Open

Convenor – TBC contact Amy Wright (Ph: 0467 004 555)


  • Entries Close 4 pm, Friday, September 22nd, 2023
  • Exhibits must be brought to the pavilion beforeĀ 4 pm, Friday, September 22, 2023
  • Click here for the Open Hobbies and Craft pages in the show book
  • Click here to download an Entry Form


  • All exhibits to be exhibitors own work (Rule 7)

Entry & Prizes:

All prizes in this section donated by The Small Town Soap Co.

  • Entry: 50c
  • 1st: $2.00, 2nd: $1.00

Trophy Donors:

Kimba AH & F Society would like to thank the following people for donating prizes to this section:

  • Christine Scott (Prize for Most Points)
  • Amy Wright (Prize for Runner-up Most Points)
  • Small Town Soap Co. (Prize for Most Outstanding Exhibit)

2019 Winners:

Kimba AH & F Society would like to congratulate the following people for winning prizes in this section:

  • Jill Davey (Most points donated by Christine Scott)
  • Heather Payne (Runner-up most points donated by Amy Wright)
  • Mary Palkovics (Most outstanding exhibit donated by Kimba CWA)

2023 Classes:

Section Q - Open Hobbies & Craft

1Wooden article stained or polished
2Wooden article any style
3Ornamental metal works
4Article made from recycled materials
5Handmade tool or implement (metal and / or wood)
6Handmade card
7Scrapbooking - single page
8Scrapbooking - double page
9One pair of knitted or crocheted baby's bootees
10Knitted toy
11Crocheted toy
12Knitted rug or shawl
13Crocheted rug or shawl
14Knitted Beanie
15Crocheted Beanie
16Any other knitted article not mentioned
17Any other crocheted article not mentioned
18Crocheted doily
19Item of machine embroidery
20Item of hand embroidery
21Any other item of craft done by a person 65 years and over
22Any other craft not mentioned
23Hobby collected by, but not made by exhibitor