Flowers, Floral Arrangemen& Potted Plants

Convenor: Lucinda Glare (ph: 86 277 289)


  • Entries Close 5 pm, Friday, September 22nd, 2023
  • Exhibits must be brought to the pavilion before 9am on show day with entry cards securely attached
  • Click here for the Open Flowers, Floral Art & Potted Plants pages in the show book
  • Click here to download an Entry Form


  • Exhibitors should use clean containers as presentation is considered when judging
  • Remove as many leaves as possible from flowers. Be sure flowers are fresh
  • All pots must be less than 30cm (12 in) in diameter
  • Exhibitor must have owned a pot plant for at least 6 months
  • Definitions: Single Bloom – One flower only on stem
    Multiple Bloom – More than one flower per stem
    Cut – May have single or multiple flowers

Entry & Prizes:

  • Entry: 50c
  • 1st: $2.00, 2nd: $1.00

Trophy Donors:

Kimba AH & F Society would like to thank the following people for donating prizes to this section:

  • TBA (General Prizes)
  • Gwenda Williams (Prize for Most Points)
  • Barb Schaefer (Prize for Runner-up Most Points)
  • Raelene Harradine (Prize for Most Outstanding Exhibit)

2023 Classes:

Section L - Flowers, Floral Art and Potted Plants

1Daffodil, 1 bloom
2Tulip, 1 bloom
3Freesia, One Cut
4Iris (any variety), 1 cut
5Ranunculi, Three Blooms
6Ranunculi, One Bloom
7Pansy, One Bloom (on Card in Container suggested)
8Pansies, Three Blooms, Common Variety (on Card, in Container suggested)
9Container of Daisies, One Variety, 5 - 10 Blooms
10Rose, 1 bloom
11Sweet peas, 3 cuts
12Sweet peas, 1 cut
13Poppy, 1 bloom
14Red or Pink flower, any variety, one cut
15Collection of native flowers, 5 cuts
16Maiden Hair Fern, one pot
17Cyclamen, in flower, one pot
18Orchid, in flower, one pot
19Succulent, in flower, one pot
20Any other Pot plant, green foliage only one pot
21Any other Pot plant, in flower, one pot
22Hanging basket, in flower, one basket
23Arrangement of 2 Flowers and 1 Bud
24Container of Garden Flowers
25Table Arrangement