Cooking – Open

Convenor – Naomi Tree (ph: 0428 859 362)


  • Entries Close 5pm Friday September 24, 2021
  • Entries must be brought to the pavilion before 9am on show day with tickets attached
  • Click here for the Cooking  pages in the show book
  • Click here to download an Entry Form


  • All entries must be baked by the exhibitor
  • All baking from ready-mix or pre-mix recipe not eligible unless stated
  • All cooking to be done prior to show day
  • Small items (scones, biscuits etc) must be on a plate
  • Larger items must be on a firm base – wood or sturdy cardboard preferred
  • Items must not be cut by the exhibitor
  • Juniors may enter and must be under 16 on November 1, 2021


Entry: 50c (except Classes 6 & 13 which are free to enter)

Class 1: (Jubilee Cake) and Class 3 (Anzac Biscuits)

  • 1st: $5.00, 2nd: $2.00

Class 6: (Laucke Scones)

  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd: Laucke products

Class 13: (Men’s Chocolate Cake)

  • 1st: $10.00, 2nd: $5.00

All other classes:

  • 1st: $2.00, 2nd: $1.00

Trophy Donors

Kimba AH & F Society would like to thank the following people for donating prizes to this section:

  • Dianne Hamlyn (Prize for Most Points)
  • Dianne Lambell (Prize for Runner-up Most Points)
  • Janet King in memory of Glad Noble (Prize for Most Outstanding Exhibit)
  • Christine Scott (Class 1)
  • Kimba RSL (Anzac Biscuits)

2019 Winners:

Kimba AH& F Society would like to congratulate the following people for winning prizes in this section:

  • Naomi Tree (Most Points donated by Dianne Hamlyn)
  • Hayley Tree (Runner-up Most Points donated by Dianne Lambell)
  • Naomi Tree (Most Outstanding Exhibit donated by Janet King)

2021 Classes:

Section T - Open Cooking

1Jubilee Cake (Prize donated by Christine Scott)
2Four Biscuits (Iced Gingerbread)
3Six Anzac Biscuits (Prize donated by Kimba RSL)
4Four Muffins (Sweet)
5Four Scones (Plain)
6Laucke Scone Competition (Sweet)
7Baked slice (3 pieces)
8Four Lamingtons
9Boiled Fruit Cake
10Jam Sponge Roll
11Cinnamon Tea (Sand / Dirt) Cake
12Boiled Chocolate Cake, Iced
13Chocolate cake made by a man
14Carrot Cake Iced
15One White Loaf
16Two fruit and /or nut scrolls
17Four sausage rolls
18One jar marmalade (variety to be stated on jar)
19One jar jam (variety to be stated on jar)
20One jar lemon cheese
21One jar chutney (variety to be stated on jar)
22One bottle tomato sauce