Flowers and Potted Plants – Junior

Convenor: Lucinda Glare (ph: 86 277 289)


  • Entries Close 5 pm, Friday, September 24, 2021
  • Exhibits must be brought to the pavilion before 9 am on show day with entry cards securely attached
  • Click here for the Junior Flowers, Floral Art & Potted Plants pages in the show book
  • Click here to download an Entry Form


  • Juniors must be under 16 years on November 1, 2021. Age of child must be marked on the ticket
  • Exhibitors should use clean containers as presentation is taken into account
  • Remove as many leaves as possible from flowers. Be sure flowers are fresh
  • Single Bloom – One flower only on a stem. Multiple Bloom – More than one flower per stem
  • Cut – May have single or multiple flowers
  • All pots must be less than 30cm (12 in) in diameter

Entry & Prizes:

  • Entry: 30c
  • 1st: $2.00, 2nd: $1.00, 3rd: 50c

Trophy Donors:

Kimba AH & F Society would like to thank the following people for donating prizes to this section:

  • Jodie Joyce (Prize for Most Points)
  • Barb Shaefer (Prize for Runner-up Most Points)
  • Raelene Harradine (Prize for Most Outstanding Exhibit)

2019 Winners:

This is a new section for 2021

2021 Classes:

Section M - Junior Flowers, Floral Art and Potted Plants

1Daisies, 3 blooms
2Rose, 1 cut
3Floral Arrangement a Jug
4Wattle, 1 cut
5Collection of native flowers, 5 cuts
6Floating Bowl, Flowers must Float (please only use bowl)
7Pot plant, flowering, one pot
8Cactus or succulent, one pot
9Any other Potted plant
10Creative Creature, using Flowers, Fruit and / or Vegetables