Fruit & Vegetables – Junior

Convenor: TBA (ph: 0428  272 676)


  • Entries Close 5 pm, Friday, September 24, 2021
  • Exhibits must be brought to the pavilion before 9 am on show day with entry cards securely attached
  • Click here for the Jr Fruit & Vegetables pages in the show book
  • Click here to download an Entry Form.


  • Juniors must be under 16 on November 1, 2021


All general prizes in this section donated by Kimba IGA

  • Entry: 30c
  • 1st: $2.00, 2nd: $1.00. 3rd: 50c

Trophy Donors:

  • Kimba IGA (General Prizes)
  • Cheryl Larwood (Prize for Most Points)
  • Janine Inglis (Prize for Runner-up Most Points)
  • Bev Baldock (Prize for Most Outstanding Exhibit)

2019 Winners:

  • Elsa Whitwell (Most Points donated by Cheryl Larwood)
  • Monique Scott (Runner-up most points donated by Shirley Woolford)
  • Elsa Whitwell (Most Outstanding Exhibit donated by Bev Baldock)

2021 Classes:

Section K - Junior Fruit & Vegetables

1One cabbage
2One cauliflower
3One lettuce
4Bunch of mixed root vegetables
5Bunch of radishes
6Six leaves silver beet
7Six sticks of rhubarb
8Best collection of vegetables
9Bunch of parsley
10Any other vegetable not mentioned
11Two oranges
12Two lemons
13Two mandarins
14Any other fruit not mentioned
15Freaky fruit or vegetable